All group classes and Monthly card must be finished in one month. No exception
4 classes card, 8 classes and Monthly  card must be finished on time make up class can be mad on different day of the week.

Tango De Salon  Close Embrace


4 Weeks intensive 12, Hours, A progressive program to refine and continue to develop your dance vocabulary.  plus

5 – Dance socials 4 Wednesday dance socials and

1 Saturday spacial dance party.

NY Tango school is a very special place you will feel the family feeling, We don’t treat  our students as a business client, Every student is a part of our life and Important member of our family group. Every

*All group classes in midtown & Upper East Side NYC *


Advanced Tango class 7pm

Absolute Beginners Tango class 7pm

Advanced Milonga 8pm

Absolute Beginners Milonga class 8pm

Hungarian house 213 East 82nd St upper eastside Manhattan


Milonga Class 7:30pm  & Tango class 8:30-9:30pm Stepping Out Studio 37 W 26th 9 fl

Every Thursday
Absolute Beginners Tango class  8-9pm –  25W 31st St 3rd Studio 7
Every Friday
8:30pm, In Midtown 5th Ave location.

Our school is not an ordinary school where you take your dance lessons and go home and forget about.  NY Tango With Jon School is a unique school in the US.  We have a spacial practice and dance social Plus weekends dance parties.  Where you can practice your moves of the week, Socialize and make new friends and meet old friends and have Fun! time.

12 Hours Intensive classes and full month 11 Dance parties.

Special price  $150.00 ( Reg price $320)

Special price for Couple $250.00 (Reg price $640)

This offer is for absolutely new beginners students.

Private lessons highly recommend it, For a jump start.


BEGINNER LEVEL TANGO CLASSES                                                                                                     A breakdown of the basic Tango elements: the embrace, concept of lead and follow, cross and parallel walk systems, 6, 8 & 10 count  basic, cruzada, weight changes, ochos, rock step, turns, gancho, lapiz, sacada and barrida.  This course is designed to get you moving on the dance floor from your first lesson.
Start your Tango journey TODAY!

*No dance experience or partner necessary.
*Recommended footwear – Leather sole shoes (no sneakers or platform shoes)


* Pre-request: 10 week Absolute Beginner Tango.

In this 16 week course, you will learn how to combine the steps you learned from Beginner I.   Introduction to basic floor craft techniques (collision avoidance and line of dance) and dance floor etiquettes. New Pre -intermediate steps will be introduced: Advanced barridas, Ganchos, Media Vuelta. Sacadas, Planeo, Calesita, Carpa, Lapiz, Molinete, Sandwich, Castigada, Cadena, Arrastre.  Leader’s & Follower’s simple embellishments.


* Pre-requisit: Pre-intermediate or a reasonable level of technical understanding of Argentine tango and 1 year minimum dance experience.

Introduction to close embrace; posture, weight changes/distribution, core balance and partner connection.  Intermediate Steps: Cadencia, Ocho Cortado, Giros, Change of Direction, Enrosque, Colgadas & Volcadas, Adornos.  New combinations will be taught at each class, so you can start building your dance repertoire.  Close Embrace – the precision of posture and frame.  Focus on technique, style, musicality & syncopation, complex steps with advanced variations.



* Must have a good level of technical understanding of Argentine tango and 2 year minimum dance experience.  An evaluation is required prior to sign up.

This course focuses on the refinement of the close embrace and the precision of posture and frame.  Learning variations of advanced step combinations with complex embellishments.  Exploring musicality and syncopation with various orchestras.  Developing your own personal style and improvisation skills.



Introduction to milonga. Rhythmical fundamentals; traspie & Lisa stepping and timing, embrace and posture, walks, turns and adornments. Improvisational techniques to weave these elements together to create fun milonga patterns.


STAGE TANGO (Intermediate/ Advanced)

This is a great course for those who have always dreamed of performing tango on the stage or just want to learn stage tango sequences to add some pizzazz to your dance.  In this exciting 7 week course, you will master advance choreography with your partner.  At the completion of this course, you will be featured in a student performance showcase at our new milonga.  This is a wonderful way to build confidence in your dancing, on or off the stage.

* Limited enrollment to 3 couples. Pre-registration required.
* Please let us know if you are flying solo and we’ll pair you up with a dance partner.

Click here for Tango Salon Steps Blog
A catalog of steps taught in our classes each week.



There will be no classes on the following holidays.
Presidents Day
Good Friday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving day
Christmas Day
New Year’s Eve